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Automate damage appraisal with Insurmapp

More than 70% of claims involve only superficial damages that can be instantaneously evaluated with our tool.

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Automate damage appraisal in just 3 steps with Insurmapp

Discover how our specialised damage appraisal software will improve your service by leveraging AI in your business.


Structure the information taken from accident photos.


Locate and analyse the damaged parts.


Evaluate repair costs accurately.

Save time and money in appraisals using Insurmapp

Get ahead of your competitors by integrating Insurmapp in your appraisal pipeline and take advantage of its economic and competitive advantages.

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The user takes photos of the damaged vehicle and the related documentation, which are automatically processed by Insurmapp.

Our computer vision algorithms make use of state-of-the-art deep learning models to organize and analyze the photographs.

An automatic, objective and precise report is made, which specifies the damaged parts of the vehicle and provides an accurate estimation of reparation costs.

Test the digitalisation of appraisal with Insurmapp

The insurance revolution has already begun

Know the impact of automating appraisal processes


cost reduction

Avoid unnecessary displacements of insurance agents.



Time taken by Insurmapp to appraise the damage.


of claim evaluations

Involve only superficial damages that can be evaluated by Insurmapp.


millions $

The value in USD of the global market of vehicle appraisals.


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